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Is this how lopsided we have become in our engagement with customers and other stakeholders? What are we really saying about our values as a company? What aren’t we communicating about our reputation and credibility? Are companies missing out on opportunities to engage with stakeholders on a deeper level about issues that matter most? Making routine charitable donations to the less well-off is no substitute for real and meaningful engagement.


Over the last few years, there has been a significant sea change in Malaysians’ attitudes towards the government, corporations and the senior people behind them. No longer are Malaysians willing to accept at face value what they say about their companies. Hard questions are now being asked by stakeholders about how they do business, about the way they act and behave, and whether what they say in the public domain can be trusted and validated.

Companies need to ask themselves if they have addressed this sea change in perceptions and attitudes effectively or not. Can it still be business as usual? Is the way we have conducted business in the past still acceptable behaviour? How can we better engage with customers to improve our reputation? Can we be doing more to engage with the financial community to build better value and improve returns to shareholders? How will ongoing issues or litigation damage my credibility?

Companies with focused and targeted levels of engagement enjoy better reputations. Companies with superior and sustained communications can draw a straight line between positive engagement and better sales and profitability.

In short, company reputations and trust matter more than ever before.

With this in mind, I am pleased to announce the launch of Zerin Communications. Led by myself in partnership with some of Malaysia’s most experienced communications professionals, Zerin Communications is a specialised communications service that offers bespoke and customised communications services for companies and senior executives who need to address ongoing challenges in corporate reputation, trust and value accretion in today’s challenging engagement landscape.

ZPCS will offer insight-driven communications counsel and advice for companies that need to address ongoing reputational issues or wish to take on a more proactive stand in the way they engage with stakeholders. These services include:

  • Crisis Communications (including crisis spokesperson training)
  • Strategic Communications
  • Issues & Reputation Management
  • Litigation Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Media Relations (including media training)
  • Financial Communications & Investor Relations
  • Content audit and creation
  • Social media presence and monitoring

Zerin Communications’ accumulated experience and success in providing proven and effective solutions for companies and C-Suite personnel means that we are well placed to offer you a suite of communications services designed to optimize your engagements and communications with stakeholders in a holistic manner with clearly defined outcomes.

Zerin Communications looks forward to engaging with any government or business organisation that have on going communications requirements. We look forward to partnering with you and sharing with you our advice on insights in managing and operating in an increasingly challenging and complex communications environment.


Best regards,
Previndran Singhe,